LULAC is the largest Latino Civil Rights and Advocacy Group in the United States. We are 81 years old and growing strong. LULAC works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans from every region looking for Freedom & an honest way of life. During its 80 years of history, LULAC has worked hard to bring many of the positive social and economic changes that Hispanic Americans have seen.

LULAC has fought for voting rights and full access to the political process, and equal educational opportunity for Hispanic children. It has been a long and often difficult struggle, but LULAC's record of activism continues to this day, as LULAC councils across the nation hold voter registration drives and citizenship awareness sessions, sponsor health fairs and tutorial programs, and raise scholarship money for the LULAC National Scholarship Fund. This fund, in conjunction with the LNESC (LULAC National Educational Service Centers), has assisted almost 10 percent of the 1.1 million students who have gone to college.

LULAC's activism has extended to the realm of language and cultural rights as well. In response to an alarming increase in xenophobia and anti-Hispanic sentiment, LULAC councils have fought back by holding seminars and public symposiums on language and immigration issues, and its officers have spoken out on television and radio against the "English Only" movement to limit the public (and in some cases, private) use of minority languages.

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